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Brunch & Inspired

Join us for a delicious brunch while enjoying the company of  other inspirational women, performers and  storytellers

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Brunch & Inspired SERIES

Brunch & Inspired is a gathering of empowered women who brunch over an inspiring panel of speakers, performers and entertainers. Our brunches are meant to fill your tummies, inspire your mind and move your soul. Each brunch is held at a curated venue with an abundance of inspiration. We bring together keynote speakers who share their experiences, stories and keynotes over a delicious brunch.


Brunch & Inspired is an inclusive community, which means we welcome every woman. Bring your mom, sister, aunt, bestie, coworker or come by yourself to connect with other empowering women in the city.

THE NEXT BRUNCH & INSPIRED IS happening in september 2018 WITH A GORGEOUS MOroccan Dreams THEME.